Special Weekends

Here is a list of upcoming special weekends.
Through Christmas. Stay tuned we will update this list. 

6/30-7/4/19: Road To Independence Day (We will be playing popular road trip songs as well as Patriotic songs for July 4th)

7/19-7/21/19: Leading A Double Life (Artists that were lead singers of a group and had a solo career)

8/2-8/4/19: Alteration Weekend (Songs and Artists with alteration in their titles and names)

8/29-9/2/19: KWPO A-Z (Every song we have in alphabetical order)

9/13-9/15/19: Doubles weekend (songs titles and artists that have double letters in them)

9/27-9/29/19: Weekend Retrocade (celebrating two years of Super Star Saturday)

10/11-10/13/19: Twice as Nice Weekend (two songs in a row by the same artist or group)

10/25-10/31/19: Halloween spooktacular (songs for Halloween) 

11/1-11/3/19: Long-play Weekend (songs 4:00 or longer as we gain an hour of sleep with time change)

11/15-11/17/19: Vowel Recognition Weekend (songs where every word begins with vowels)

11/27-12/2/19: Holly Jolly Weekend (5 Christmas songs every hour until 7am 12/2)

12/2-12/25/19: KWPO becomes the world's Holiday music station (All Holiday music through Christmas Day)

12/24-12/25/19: 36 Hours of Christmas (36 hours of commercial free Holiday music from noon 12/24 - midnight 12/25)  



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