Special Weekends

Here is a list of upcoming special weekends.
Through the end of May.

3/1-3/3/19: Duets weekend (songs by two artists)

3/8-3/10/19: Short-play weekend (songs 4 minutes or shorter as we lose an our of sleep for time change)

3/15-3/17/19: Jukebox Jockey Joeys favorites (He will play all of his favorite songs so he can celebrate his birthday in style)

3/22-3/24/19: Improper Grammar Weekend (songs with titles and lyrics with incorrect grammar)
3/28/19: Joey's Mom's Favorites (He will play all of his mom's favorite songs so he can celebrate her birthday with her)

3/29-3/31/19: All 80's Weekend (All 80's all weekend long)

4/5-4/7/19: Going to the Movies Weekends (songs that were in any movie)

4/19-4/21/19: Whistle While You Clean Weekend (songs that have whistling in them)

5/3-5/5/19: Runners-Up Weekend (songs that made it to #2 on the charts to celebrate KWPO’s second anniversary)

5/10-5/12/19: Rock 'N' Roll Mamas Weekend (songs by mothers)

5/24-5/27/19: KWPO A-Z (every song we have in alphabetical order)



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